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February 27, 2019

Well, the way they make shows is, they make one show. That show’s called a pilot. Then they show that show to the people who make shows, and on the strength of that one show.

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May 7th 2021 08:05:23

A @StanfordEarth fossil study suggests the diversity of life in the world’s oceans declined time and again over the… https://t.co/xQjs8MJO7t


May 6th 2021 04:05:00

RT @StanfordEng: In 1993, flying aboard NASA’s Discovery shuttle, Ellen Ochoa, MS ’81, PhD ’85, became the first Latina to travel to space.…


May 6th 2021 04:05:56

For the first time, researchers have found a way to predict when a pregnant woman will go into labor by analyzing i… https://t.co/vGG2RzLY8Y


May 6th 2021 12:05:17

Congratulations to the newest cohort of @KnightHennessy Scholars! Seventy-six students from 26 countries will join… https://t.co/MZ2eAkUv39


May 5th 2021 04:05:59

To capture what it’s like to live and work in Silicon Valley – for the affluent, those who are barely getting by an… https://t.co/JfuovfONfI


May 4th 2021 10:05:34

Spring quarter scene at the Manzanita basketball courts. https://t.co/56fwjykXal


May 4th 2021 05:05:56

RT @StanfordAlumni: On May 1, 1971, the first Stanford Powwow was held on campus.

50 years later it is @Stanford's largest annual student…


May 4th 2021 04:05:56

Gender bias creeps into performance reviews where evaluation protocols are poorly defined—and women suffer, a new… https://t.co/cz0vFKWc0W


May 3rd 2021 10:05:55

New research by @StanfordEarth scientists could inform a new approach to managing human-caused earthquakes. https://t.co/xnJJJ2MkdI


May 3rd 2021 06:05:23

Prejudice against older coworkers persists even among those who openly oppose racism and sexism, @StanfordGSB resea… https://t.co/j3seseoS9v

School begins January 3rdYear-round open

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